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Wanted: Best Practices for Collaborative Translation


Collaborative translation presents us with a rich and complex envelope of processes and technologies, whose respective impacts are still poorly understood. Determining which approach can be used in which context and to what effect is still somewhat of an art-form, and currently, trial and error is often the only way to find out.

On this web site, you will find a list of best practices which have been written by seasoned practitioners of collaborative translation. Each practice is captured in the form of a short, modular design pattern, so that you can easily cherry pick those that are most appropriate for your situation.

The site was originally created by the following people at the the TAUS Roundtable on Collaborative Translation, which was held at Localization World in Santa Clara, in October of 2011.

This is a collaborative wiki site, so please don't hesitate to contribute to it.

Flavours of Collaborative Translation

Below is a list of different types of technologies and approaches that we include under the term Collaborative Translation

Best practices

Below is a list of best-practices that may apply to one or more types of Collaborative Translation. Related practices are grouped together under common themes.

Planning and Scoping
Practices you can use before you actually start a Collaborative Translation.

Community Motivation
Practices for keeping your translator community happy and participating.

Practices for ensuring that the content produced by the community meets the appropriate level of quality.

Contributor Career Path
Practices which allow people in your community to grow into different roles and participate meaningfully to the best of their ability and availability.

Practices for splitting large communities or big chunks of work into smaller and more manageable ones.

Tools and Processes
Different ways of design tools and workflows to help members of the community be productive.

Practices that have not yet been categorized.

Category: Miscellaneous Practices

Case Studies

Below is a list of case studies describing how Collaborative Translation was used in specific organizations:

How to contribute to this site

This is a collaborative wiki site, so please don't hesitate to contribute, for example by:

  • adding new practices that you have found useful
  • improving the page about an existing practice, even if that page was written by someone else

Note however that you will first have to register on the site.

Once that's done, you can create a new practice using the Create/Edit a best practice form in the upper right corner of each page. By default, the new practices you create appear in the Miscellaneous Practices section. To change that:

  • Click on the practice you created
  • Edit > Categories
  • Uncheck the Miscellaneous Practices category, and check the category that you want the practice to appear under (ex: Tools and Processes).

To modify an existing practice, simply go to that page and click on the Edit button at the bottom of the page.