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This practice is useful the context of a volunteer-based Translation crowdsourcing initiative, where certain content needs to be translated by a certain date.

Problem description

In a volunteer Translation crowdsourcing an organization may still need certain content to be translated by a certain date. But given the volunteer nature of the community, there is no way of ensuring that this will be done.


One solution to this problem is to start an explicit Campaign to have a certain content translated by a certain time. While this in no way guarantee that the content will be translated in time, it does give the community a concrete goal to shoot for, and motivate them to rise to that challenge.

There are a few principles that you need to follow for this approach to work:

  • The goal of the campaign should be something that your community cares deeply about.
  • You probably should not have more than a few of those campaigns per year.
  • You should give constant progress reports to the community, for example, by prominently displaying a Campaign Progress Gauge.

Links to related patterns

  • See above section.

Real-life examples

  • The community of translators on Wikipedia use a Campaign approach to translate important official announcements about Wikipedia.