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Community-Appropriate Project Size


This practice is applicable in the context of any large Collaborative translation initiative.

Problem description

In many Collaborative translation initiatives, the total amount of work that might need to be done greatly exceeds the collective energies of the community.

This can have a demoralizing effect on the community, by making the task look intractable.


Therefore, split the overall work into smaller projects, where each project can be completed by the community in a reasonable amount of time. That amount of time will depend on the nature of your community, but it is typically somewhere between a couple of weeks and a couple of months.

For example, you may identify a part of the content that is most high priority, and then ask the community to translate it into a small number of languages.

Links to related patterns

  • Identifying a chunk of work that the community can complete in a reasonable time is the first step in launching a Campaign.
  • This practice is similar to Contributor-Appropriate Chunk Size, except that the later is about splitting the work into smaller chunks that can each be completed by a single contributor in a reasonable amount of time.

Real-life examples

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