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Content Prioritizer Role


In order to Support Variable Levels of Involvment, make it possible for people to point to content that they wish to see translated. This is a very low-investment way of contributing to the community, and is one way that people move from lurker to contributor


This practice is useful in any Collaborative translation initiative.

Problem description

In most collaborative peer-production communities, the amount of work that needs to be done often exceeds the collective resources of the community.


Therefore, make it possible for members of the community to decide which parts of the work they consider to be highest priority, for example through Voting, or labeling content that they personally would like to see translated.

Prioritizing content can also be something that a Community Manager does as part of his "job".

Labeling some content as being high priority can also be a form of low-commitment contribution (see Support Variable Levels of Involvment ).

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Real-life examples

  • Some corporations allow readers to label content for which they would like to have a translation in their native language (which ones?)
  • Many collaborative peer-production communities do not explicitly support this practice. Instead, they allow contributors to "vote with their feet", that is, indicate that a piece of work is important by actually working on it.