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In-House Revision


This practice is useful for ensuring quality in any Collaborative translation initiative, but it is particularly relevant where you are tapping into a large crowd of unknown contributors.

Problem description

Ensuring quality in Collaborative translation can be a challenge. One way to approach this issue is to have the crowd do massive Peer Review.

But in some contexts, an organization may want to have a better assurance that the quality of the contributions is good.


In that situation, you can have a team of in-house professionals revise the translations produced by the crowd. Since revision is two to five times faster than translation, it may be possible for a small in-house team to revise the work of a larger crowd.

Another advantage of this practice is that it allows revision to be done at a coarser, more global level. For example, if you split content into very small chunks that are translated by separate volunteers (see Contributor-Appropriate Chunk Size ), you can still use a single in-house reviser to ensure consistency of the various portions.

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