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In-Place Translation


This pattern applies mostly Translation crowdsourcing contexts.

Problem description

This pattern addresses two problems.

Problem 1: Encourage on-the-fly contributions

When contributors to a Translation crowdsourcing community are also users or readers of the content, there is great potential for translation that happen "on the fly", in the course of use. But users are not likely to want to do this if it will distract them too much from the original goal for which they were using or reading the content.

Problem 2: Provide context

Another common problem in Translation crowdsourcing situations, is that the content to be translated may be broken down in very small, "de-contextualized" chunks. Translating these chunks out of context may be difficult and may lead to quality issues.


Therefore, make it possible for contributors to translate content from the same environment in which they normally read or use it.

Links to related patterns

Real-life examples

In this section, provide references to real-life examples where it was shown to work. Such examples are important because they provide a sense of how well-tried the pattern actually is.