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Keep the Crowd Small


This practice applies in contexts where there is a need for more heavy-handed oversight of the community.

Problem description

There are Collaborative translation situations that call for tighter oversight by the organization that founded the community. For example, if much of the content is health-related, you want to make sure that the content and its translation is accurate.

In situations like that, the complexity and overheads associated with this kind of oversight, can grow non-linearly with the size of your community.


In this kind of situation, you may want to make a conscious effort to keep the crowd small. Instead of opening up your site for contribution by the whole world, only recruit a small community of very active and trusted contributors.

Use Entry Exam to filter out applicants who are not serious, and Require Minimal Involvement Level on their part.

Links to related patterns

Real-life examples

  • Kiva.org and Translators without Borders are two organisations that have benefited from this practice.