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Offer Double Points


This practice applies in contexts where a Point System is used to motivate volunteer contributors of a Collaborative translation community.

Problem description

Sometimes it is hard to get a community of volunteer contributors to cover the "last mile" of a Collaborative translation project. For example, there may be some types of content which are hard or boring to translate. Or, in the context of a Campaign, the community's interest and activity may decrease once 80% of the targeted goal has been reached.


One way to motivate contributors to cover that last mile, is to double the amount of points which are awarded for working on that part of the content which is currently not being worked on. For example, once 80% of the content in a Campaign has been translated, double the number of points for translation of the remaining 20%.

Links to related patterns

  • This practice assumes that we have a Point System in place.
  • This practice is often used to keep momentum going towards the end of a Campaign

Real-life examples

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