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Publish Contributions Rapidly


This pattern is useful for motivating contributors in any Collaborative translation context, but it is particularly useful in Translation crowdsourcing scenarios.

Problem description

Contributors are often motivated by a desire to have a positive impact on the community they are participating in. However, they cannot achieve this sense of being useful, if their contributions do not become available to the rest of the community in a reasonable amount of time.


Therefore, decrease the delay between the moment when a member of the community contributes to the site, and the moment where it becomes publicly available to the rest of the community.

Ideally, the contribution should become visible to the rest of the community as soon as the user clicks on the Save button. This "ideal" may not always be achievable, for example in situations where some level of quality control must be done before publication. But even in those situations, you may want to consider a Publish then Revise approach where the community will look after quality assurance, through practices like Voting and In-House Revision.

Links to related patterns

  • Point System is another way for a contributor to get a sense of how useful he has been to the community.
  • Campaign Progress Gauge is another practice which allows members of the community to see the positive impact of their actions. The main difference is that it operates more at a community/project level rather than at a individual/contribution level.
  • This practice is also known as Contribution Loop.

Real-life examples

  • At Facebook, translations become available in a matter of hours.
  • In the context of software localization by the crowd, they make a conscious effort to wrap the community's translations into new releases of the product.