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Publish then Revise


This practice is useful for in the context of any Collaborative translation initiative, but it is particularly relevant where you are tapping into a large crowd of unknown contributors.

Problem description

This practice addresses two kinds of problems:

  • Contributors become de-motivated if they can't see the immediate effect of their work on the community.
  • The quantity of content that need to be revised may exceed the capacity of an in-house team of revisors.


Therefore, publish contributions as soon as they are published, and let the crowd revise them.

That way, contributors stay motivated, because they see the immediate effect that their work is having on the community.

Also, by publishing content and tagging it as needing revision, you may end up recruiting people who would like to revise it. You may also tap into the long tail of people who may be willing to fix a single mistake in a page, or revise a single complete page.

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