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Random Spot-Checking


This practice is useful for ensuring quality in any Collaborative translation initiative, but it is particularly relevant where you are tapping into a large crowd of unknown contributors.

Problem description

Ensuring quality in Collaborative translation can be a challenge. One way to approach this issue is to vet contributors, instead of individual contributions (ex: Entry Exam).

One danger with this approach is that a given contributor could start producing low quality content once s/he has been vetted. For example, if the bar for the Entry Exam is low, a spammer could invest a bit of time to pass it, and get entry into the system.


Therefore, complement a-priori vetting of contributors, with occasional, random spot checks on the quality of their contributions.

Links to related patterns

Real-life examples

As of November 2011, the World-Wide Lexicon project is working on an approach that will include random spot-checking.