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Require Minimal Involvement Level


This practice is mostly useful in Collaborative translation communities where there is a need for more heavy-handed oversight by the organization that founded it.

Problem description

There are Collaborative translation situations that call for tighter oversight by the organization that founded the community. For example, if much of the content is health-related, you want to make sure that the content and its translation is accurate.

In situations like that, there may be a certain amount of overhead associated with each new contributor.


Therefore, make sure that this overhead will be recovered, by requiring that volunteers commit to a minimal level of involvement.

Of course, in a volunteer based community, it's very difficult to enforce that minimal level, but you can use the principle of this minimal level to discuss the issue with the contributor, and see if he will voluntarily withdraw.

You can also use an Entry Exam to filter out applicants who are not likely to meet the minimal involvement requirement. In other words, if an applicant is not willing to spend 10-30 minutes writing an Entry Exam, he is not likely to commit to the level of involvement that you expect.

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Real-life examples

  • Kiva.org uses this practice.