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Revise Globally


This pattern is applicable in all collaborative translation situations where Parallelism is used.


While Parallelism presents several advantages (shorter lead time, opportunities for low-commitment volunteers), it has the drawback that it de-contextualizes translation. This in turn may have a negative impact on the quality of the translation, particularly in terms of consistency of terminology and style.


One way to resolve this tension is to have a revision process which operates at a coarser, more global level than the translation. For example, in a situation where a document is split into individual paragraphs which are dispatched to different translators, one might have the complete translation be revised by a single reviser who would then ensure consistency of style and terminology.

Related patterns

Revise Globally is one of many patterns for quality assurance in a collaborative translation context. Other possibilities include Voting, Automatic Reputation Management and Entry Exam.

Real-life examples

  • This pattern is already commonly used by LSPs, in situations where very large documents must be translated by a team of translators. In such cases, it is common for revision to be done by a single individual (or at least, by a smaller number of individuals than the translation team).