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Simplicity First


This practice applies in the context of any Collaborative translation initiative where contributors are volunteers and/or are not professional translators.

Problem description

To ensure the success of a Collaborative translation initiative to be successful, you typically need to deploy a number of workflow and linguistic tools to assist the community and the Community Managers. While such tools may already be familiar to professional translators, their learning curve may be too steep for amateur volunteers and casual contributors.


Therefore, focus on making your tools and processes simple, and graspable in a few seconds by casual users.

If a significant part of your translator community is made up of professional translators, then you may want to provide them with the kind of sophisticated tools they are used, but if you do, make sure that is not to the detriment of the simple tools that casual or amateur contributors use.

Links to related patterns

Having tools that can be grasped in a a matter of seconds supports several other practices such as:

Real-life examples

In this section, provide references to real-life examples where it was shown to work. Such examples are important because they provide a sense of how well-tried the pattern actually is.