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TAUS Roundtable on Collaborative Translation

The TAUS Roundtable on Collaborative Translation was an event organized by the Translation Automation Users Society (TAUS) at Localization World in Santa Clara, in October of 2011.

Its purpose was to seed a wiki site with an initial set of best practices for Collaborative translation.


The list of participants was:

  • Alain Désilets, Research Officer, National Research Council of Canada (facilitator)
  • Dirk Meyer, Product Owner & Sr Program Manager (Collaborative Translation, Internationalization & Localization), Adobe (invited speaker)
  • Jason Rickard, Manager - Community Group, Symantec (invited speaker)
  • Liz Nagle, Review and Translation Manager, Kiva (invited speaker)
  • Jaap van de Meer, Translation Automation Users Society (TAUS) (sponsing organization)
  • Terena Bell, CEO, In Every Language
  • Renato Benninato, Freelance consultant
  • David Canek, CEO, MemSource
  • Christopher Klapp, Firma8
  • Brian McConnell, Architec/Lead Developer, Worldwide Lexicon
  • Laura van Nigtevegt, Head of Localization, SPIL GAMES

The event was very successful, and resulted in the description and cataloguing of 50+ best practices, which you can browse here