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Translation as Customer Engagement


This practice applies in the context of planning a Translation crowdsourcing effort.

Problem description

Increasingly, companies need ways to engage their customers, not only as consumers of their products, but as "partners" or "co-creators". Customers need to feel that the company is "open" to feedback and end-user improvements.


Allowing customers to translate some of the content related to a product is a fairly low-risk way of engaging them in that way. In fact, several companies that have tried Translation crowdsourcing report that the benefits of engaging customers in new ways outweighed the benefits in terms of cost and time savings.

Therefore, when planning a Translation crowdsourcing effort, focus on how this will enhance your customer's sense of engagement and brand loyalty towards your products.

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Real-life examples

  • At Adobe, customer engagement has been found to be one of the main benefits of community translation.